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Create blog post categories

To create a blog post category, access the Blog panel on the left toolbar and clcik the settings wheel in the bottom right corner. Click Add new category and insert a category name.

Click the tick to submit.

Assign blog posts to categories

Access the Blog panel on the left toolbar and find the blog post you'd like to assign to a particular category. Then, select Post settings.

In the Categories tab, click on Select categories and tick the preferred ones, or click Add new category to create a new one.

Display different blog posts on different pages/sections

1. Assign a blog post to a particular category (see above).
2. Add multiple blog sections or multiple blog pages (learn how).
3. Click on the blog section and open its settings.

4. In the Posts tab, click Only show some posts. Select which posts, by categories, you want to display.

5. Repeat the same for the rest blog sections/pages.

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