Adding a blog post to an existing category

1. To add a category to a blog post or to create a new one altogether, first select the Blog button, find the blog post you want to edit, and click on the three dots.

2. Then, select Post settings.

3. In the Categories section, click on Select items.

4. Select the category you want to use (you may select several) and save the changes.

Creating a new blog category

1. You can also create new categories by clicking Select items dropdown menu in the Categories section.

2. Click on the Add new category button.

3. Name your category and save your changes.

How different blog post are displayed on different pages/sections

1. Assign a blog post to a specific category (see above).
2. Insert a blog section on a particular page, or create a particular blog page (learn how to add a section to a page).
3. Click on the blog section to open the blog post settings by selecting the settings wheel icon.

4. In the Blog list settings, go to Posts tab and click Only show some posts. Select which posts, by categories, you want to display.

Pro tip: Assigning all blog posts to particular categories is especially helpful if you want to display different blog posts on different sections or pages of your website.

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