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How to categorize blog posts
How to categorize blog posts
Learn how to create blog categories and how to assign blog posts to them
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In this article, you will learn about:

Creating blog post categories

1. In the editor, expand the blog management panel on the left, and click the settings wheel at the bottom:

2. Click Add new category:

3. Insert the title of the category and click the tick to save it:

This way, you can add an unlimited number of categories.

Assigning blog posts to categories

1. Within the editor, open the blog management panel on the left and find a post that you want to assign to a particular category. Click on the ellipsis button ⋮ near the blog post title:

2. Click Settings:

3. Open the Categories tab and click Select categories. Choose the preferred ones, or click Add new category to create new ones:

4. Save the changes.

Displaying different blog posts in different blog sections

After categorizing your blog posts (see the instructions above), you can display them by category by using blog sections on your website.

1. Add multiple blog sections to your website.

2. Click on a blog section and open its settings:

3. In the Posts tab, enable the Only show some posts option. Then, click Select categories and choose which posts, by category, to display on a particular blog section:

4. Repeat steps 2-3 with the rest of your blog sections.

Once finished, remember to update your website for the changes to reflect online.

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