Adding a slideshow to your website

1. In the website editor, click on the Add section button on a page.

2. Select the Slideshow and click on the preview image.

3. Your slideshow section has now been added to your website.

Managing your slideshow section

By clicking on the slideshow section, you can see all the available settings for managing and customizing the slideshow.

To manage the slideshow, open section settings.

In the Slides tab, you can add, rename and remove slides, and change their order.

In the Style tab, you can manage the style of your slideshow.

Tip: You can change the color of the slide buttons and the navigation arrows by clicking on the color picker.

In the Settings tab, you can enable autoplay and looping, and change the duration between styles.

The Change background button allows you to change the image or color that's being used as the background image of your current slide. You can also toggle things like opacity.

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