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You can add as many slideshow sections to your website as you like! They can be used in various ways:

  • As a decorative section: you can remove all the elements from a slideshow and only set beautiful background images for each slide to create a nice exhibition of pictures

  • You can make a slideshow more informative by adding various elements to it: texts, images, buttons, and so on

Learn how to add and manage a slideshow section 💡

Adding a slideshow to your website

Within the editor, click on the Add section button – you can find the button between any two adjoining sections.

From the sections menu, select Slideshow. Choose a template and click on its preview image to insert a slideshow section into your page:

Managing your slideshow section

By clicking on the slideshow section, you can see all the slideshow settings:

To access all slideshow settings, click on the settings icon.

You will see three tabs: Slides, Style, and Settings.




Add or remove a slide

Set the appearance of the control handles

Set autoplay. If you do that, you can then also set the duration between slides

Change the order of slides

Enable or disable grid gaps

Set slides to loop

Rename a slide

Change vertical and horizontal padding

Enable or disable the full-screen height of a section in mobile mode

Change the background (color/image) of a slide

Duplicate a slide

The Change background button allows you to change the background image or color of a specific slide.

If you set the image background, you can also customize its opacity.


To keep the same layout on all slides, create an exemplary slide and then simply duplicate it multiple times. This way, the layout will stay the same, and you'll only need to customize the duplicated slides.

To duplicate a slide, click on the slide in question:

Then, open the slide settings and select Duplicate.

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