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How to add an image slideshow
How to add an image slideshow

Learn how to insert an image slideshow into your website page

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You can add as many slideshow sections to your website as you like! Learn how to:

Add a slideshow to your website

Within the Zyro website builder, click on the Add section button – you can find it between any two adjoining sections:

From the sections' menu, select Slideshow and click on its thumbnail to insert a slideshow section into your page:

Manage the slideshow section

Click on the slideshow section to see all the available settings for managing and customizing the slideshow:


View the current slide

Change slides

Click Change slides to do the following:

  • Add slides

  • Delete slides

  • Reorder slides

Slideshow settings

Click on the settings icon to open the style and general settings


  • Set the preferred controls

  • Change the color of the navigation arrows

  • Change the color of the slide buttons

General settings:

  • Autoplay slideshow

  • Loop slides

Other section actions include duplicating, moving up or down, and deleting the slideshow:


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