1. To add a footer, keep your cursor in-between two existing sections on a web page and click on Add section.

2. Click on the Footer and choose any footer template you like.

3. You can either add the footer to a particular page or to all pages at once.

Note: The footer is currently the only section that can be pinned to all the website pages.

4. If you add the footer to all pages, you can still hide it on some particular pages by opening the Footer settings and selecting Hide on this page:

5. To edit the footer, select the footer section. Your footer is selected when the section has a blue frame and you can see the settings icon.

6. You can edit the text in the footer by clicking on each text element. Please note that if you add the footer to all pages, all your changes are visible on all pages.

7. You can toggle the layout (grid and padding) and background (color and image) by clicking on the settings wheel.

Pro tip: You can add any elements such as images to your footer.

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