Linking to sections is similar to linking to URLs. To link to a section, it's necessary to know the ID of the section in question.

To find the section ID:

  • Open your website on a new tab and inspect the page (for example, if you're using Chrome, press F12, or right-click on the page and select Inspect).

  • Go to the Elements tab.

  • Click on the Select tool.

  • Select to inspect the section you would like to link to (the whole section should be 'highlighted', not a specific element on the section).

  • Find the section ID (in this example, the section ID is Twjx9vqX3K).

  • Copy the section ID – you will need it later. The point is that this section ID works as a URL when a hashtag (#) is inserted in front of it. So, when linking to a section, choose to link to the URL and paste the #sectionID (e.g. #Twjx9vqX3K) in the URL field.

  • Go to the editor and decide how would you like to link to the section (to paste the link in the header, button, image, etc.). For example, hyperlink text using a section ID would look like this:

When you're finished, don't forget to update the website for your changes to show.

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