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How to Link to a Particular Section
How to Link to a Particular Section

Learn how to link to a particular website section using Zyro website builder

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Anchor links (or jump links) allow users to jump to a specific section of a webpage. To do so, follow the steps below 👇

1. Within the website builder, find the section in question, click on it, and open the section settings:

Section settings in Zyro website builder

2. In the Anchor tab, insert the Anchor name. It should start with the hash symbol #, e.g., #contact-form:

Anchor settings in Hostinger Website Builder

Click outside the settings box to save and close it.

3. Now, you can insert that anchor link anywhere on your page: in the website menu, texts, images, or buttons:

Linking a button to a section

4. Finally, update the website for the changes to reflect online.


  • The anchor name must start with a letter (#anchor-name, not #1-anchor-name)

  • Anchors are not yet supported for blog, slideshow, and store sections

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