Displaying each product category on a separate page is easy – you only need to find the links to your category pages. Once you have product categories on different pages, you can even create a dropdown menu!

Note: Assigning products to categories is available with Online Store and Advanced Store plans. You can upgrade your subscription anytime 🚀

To display different product categories on different pages, follow the steps below:

1. Create product categories described here.

2. Make sure your website is published – this way, links to your category pages are generated. If your website has already been published, update your site after making any changes with categories to have their links up-to-date.

3. Access your live website in a new tab, open a particular product category and copy its URL (the link) – you will need it later.

4. Go back to the editor, expand the Pages and navigation section on the left, and click on the Add link button below.

5. Insert the category title, paste the link that you copied in step 3, and save the changes.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 with the rest of the category links. Once finished, remember to update your website.

Note: You can also create a dropdown menu of your category links – learn how 💡

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