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How to connect a subdomain
How to connect a subdomain

Learn how to publish your website using a subdomain

Updated over a week ago

Connecting a subdomain to a Zyro website is similar to connecting a domain, only that you don't need to update nameservers for this.

If you don't have a subdomain yet, simply go to your domain's DNS zone and create a CNAME record that would point to

Then, connect your subdomain to your website:

1. In your Zyro account, open the Websites page, and click Manage next to your website.

2. Open the Domain tab, and click Connect your own domain:

3. Select Use a domain I already own elsewhere, insert your subdomain and click Continue:

4. Finally, confirm all the steps in the domain connection window – you don't need to worry about any additional configuration, nameservers, etc., as pointing your subdomain to does the whole job 🚀

Give your subdomain some time, and your website will be up and running within 24 hours.

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