You can change the line spacing two ways:

  • Globally (affects all text elements of a particular style)

  • Locally (affects a particular text element)

To change the line spacing in the global style settings

1. Open the Styles panel on the left. Then, open the Text tab and click on Edit text styles.

2. Select the preferred type of text (Headings or Paragraphs and navigation).

3. Select the particular text style (Heading 1, Paragraph 2, etc.) and change the Line height. The line spacing will change for all texts written in the particular style you edit, e.g., Heading 1 or Paragraph 2.

To change the line spacing for a particular text element

1. Click on a preferred text element and select Edit text.

2. Click on the three dots for more options.

3. Change the Line height.

Helpful shortcuts

  • Enter – starts a new paragraph.

  • Shift+Enter (Windows) or Command+Enter (Mac) – starts a new line.

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