Your username is set as the blog author by default. You can either change it or hide the author's name completely.

Change the blog author

1. Open your website editor and expand the blog management panel on the left.

2. Click on the three dots next to the title of a blog post.

3. Open the settings.

4. In the General tab, insert the name(s) under Post authors and click Save. Finally, update your website.

Hide the blog post author

1. On the left toolbar, expand the Blog panel and click on the blog post in question to open it.

2. Click on a blog post the author of which you want to hide.

3. Find the post header and open its settings.

4. Hide the author by clicking on the eye icon.

Hide the author for all blog posts at once

1. Find the blog section on your website and open its settings.

2. On the Style tab hide the Author.

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