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Change the blog post date (schedule articles)

You can change the publication date of a blog post, as well as write multiple blog posts in advance and schedule them to be published at particular times.

1. Open the blog management panel and find a post that you want to edit.

2. Click on the three dots near the blog post title to open its settings.

3. In the settings, toggle the Schedule post button and select the preferred date.

4. Save the changes.

Hide the publication date of a particular blog post

If needed, you can completely hide the date shown inside a particular blog post.

1. Open the blog management panel.

2. Find a post that has a publication date you want to hide, and click on that blog post to edit it.

3. Click on the post's header section and open the header settings:

4. Hide the Date published.

Hide the publication date for all blog posts at once

In the website editor, find the blog section on your website and open its settings.

Then, go to the Style tab and hide the Date published.

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