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Website style settings

You can choose your color palette in the website's Style settings. Within the editor, expand the Style panel from the left toolbar and try out different palettes.

You can also customize colors within the palette by clicking on Change colors.

Note: Once you set your custom colors, they appear all across your site, but you still can edit the appearance of individual elements and sections manually, anytime 🎉


To edit the header, hover the mouse over it and access its Style (or General) settings.

To edit the font and size of the navigation links, from the left toolbar, open Styles. In the Text tab, go to Edit text styles → Paragraph and navigation → Navigation links and make the desired changes.

Section background

To change the section background, hover the mouse over a section, and click on the Change background button.

You can select any color or any image for the section background.

Text element

To edit text color, click on a text element, select Edit text. Then, select (highlight using a mouse) a text segment you'd like to change the color of and click on a color picker.

Button elements

Buttons too can have unique colors. Click on an element, select Edit button and customize it in the Style tab.

Social icons

You can similarly change the color of your social icons. Click on an element, select Edit social icons and in the Icons tab customize the color and size.

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