Learn about customizing website colors in the following areas:

Global styles settings

To customize the global style settings, expand the Website styles panel on the left. In the Colors tab, you can choose from a variety of predesigned color palettes or create your own by clicking on Change colors:

Navigation menu

To edit the style of the navigation menu, click on the header section, and open the Style or General settings:

NOTE: If you can't see the header section, it's likely that all your website pages are hidden from the navigation menu

Section background

To change the section background, click on the section in question to open its settings, and select Change background:

Text element

To edit text color, click on a text element, and select Edit text. Then, select (highlight) a portion of text you'd like to change the color of and click on a color picker:

Button element

To edit the button color, click on a button element, and select Edit button. Then, open the Style tab and make the desired changes. Remember to check both normal and hover settings:

Social media icons

To edit the color of social media icons, click on the element, and select Edit social icons. Then, open the Style tab, and make the desired changes:

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