In this article, you'll learn how to:

Add and manage pages

1. If you need more pages on your website, or want to edit existing ones, open the Pages and navigation menu in the editor.

2. In this view, you can view all of your pages. You'll see which pages are part of the Main navigation section. All pages that are not part of your menu structure can be found under the Other pages section.

3. You can add a new page by clicking on the + Add Page button.

4. For more editing options, click on the settings wheel next to a page you want to edit. You can access page settings, rename your page, duplicate your page, or remove the page from the navigation menu.

Edit the menu

Hiding and deleting pages from the menu is simple:

1. Open the Pages and navigation menu.

2. Click on the settings wheel next to the page you want to hide from your navigation menu. You can also delete the page completely.

Create a dropdown menu

1. Open the Pages and navigation menu.

2. Next, click on the dropdown menu icon.

2. Rename your new dropdown menu by double-clicking on the item or selecting Rename from the settings wheel.

3. To assign pages to a dropdown menu, simply drag the pages to the main dropdown item. Drag each menu item by the 6 dots. The pages should appear underneath the dropdown menu.

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