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What are website sections?

Website sections are usually pre-designed sections for an individual web page (website headers and footers, and about sections, for example).

They make it easier and faster to design your website. You can also create empty sections and customize them to your liking.

Simple section

A simple section is an empty page section that you can customize yourself.

To add a simple section to your website, keep your cursor in-between two existing sections on a web page and click on Add section.

In the Add new section view, select Add blank section +.

Pre-designed sections

Zyro has plenty of pre-designed sections to make it fast and simple to build a top-notch website from scratch.

In the Add new section view, you can see all the available section types on the left-hand side.

Currently, there are various section designs for the following section types:

For most of the pre-designed sections, you can choose from multiple different designs. You can see the previews of each section design on the right-hand side.

To add a pre-designed section to your website, simply click on the design preview you like, and it will be added to your web page.

For example, to add a slideshow to your website, click on the slideshow section preview.

A slideshow section has now been added to your website.

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