Website elements are items that you can use to populate your web pages with text, images, buttons, and so on.

You can see all available elements by clicking on the Add elements menu in the editor. To add a new element to the template, simply click Add elements at the toolbar on the left and drag-and-drop the element onto the grid.

You can also customize every element however you like – click on the element and explore the settings:

The text element allows you to add various texts to your pages. You can also customize the text style, change the font, or add links.

The button element enables you to add various buttons to your website. You can easily adjust the color and add both internal and external links to your buttons.

The image element makes it easy to add images to your website by either choosing one from the free image library, or by uploading your own. You can also add links to images.

The gallery element allows you to showcase your favorite pictures in a gallery view. Learn more about it here.

You can use the video element to add videos from YouTube or Vimeo to your website.

The map element makes it easy to add a map to your page so that customers can find your business.

You can use the Instagram feed element to quickly embed your Instagram account to your website.

The contact form element allows you to add contact forms on your website. You can also customize your forms.

If you want to create a mailing list, use the subscribe element to collect email addresses on your website.

The social icons element makes it quick and easy to add links to your social media profiles in a stylish way.

The embed code element allows you to integrate various third-party widgets to your website: animations, pop-ups, PayPal buttons, and many more!

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