To redirect your domain to another domain, you can create a CNAME record or set up a redirect using Cloudflare.

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Create a Cloudflare account

Signing up is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Cloudflare signup page

Once you have your Cloudflare account, you can proceed with adding your website there.

Add your website to Cloudflare

  1. Go to your Cloudflare dashboard. Select the Add Site button.

    Adding a site on Cloudflare
  2. Insert your website address there. Cloudflare allows its users to add as many websites as they want, even for the free version.

    Adding a domain name on Cloudflare
  3. Now, select your plan – we recommend choosing the Free version. It comes with all the needed basic features to protect your website from online threats and enhance its loading speed.

Cloudflare plans

Point your domain name to Cloudflare nameservers

After activating Cloudflare for your website, you will see the Cloudflare nameservers on the next page. It is essential to replace old nameservers with Cloudflare’s.

  1. Access the Cloudflare nameservers by clicking on the DNS tab on the dashboard.

  2. Under the DNS Management section, you will see the Cloudflare nameservers assigned to your website. Copy these values.

    Cloudflare nameservers
  3. Open a new browser tab and go to your domain control panel. For those who have a Zyro domain, you’ll find the nameservers’ details on the My domains page – follow this procedure 💡

  4. Go back to the Cloudflare page and press Done.

  5. Check the DNS tab on Cloudflare to see if the nameserver update was successful.

Note: It may take up to 72 hours for DNS to propagate worldwide. Once the nameservers update is complete, you will receive an email confirmation from Cloudflare. Alternatively, you can check the update status on the Cloudflare website. During this process, your page will not face any downtime.

Configure the HTTPS settings

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) secures website data through an SSL certificate.

In Cloudflare, go to the SSL/TLS and enable the Full option:

Set up a redirect

Once your domain fully propagates, you can set up a redirect in your Cloudflare account. To configure it, go to Page RulesCreate Page Rule:

Enter your domain name (or a specific address which you wish to be redirecting), choose the setting Forwarding URL, and its type: 301 (Permanent Redirect) or 302 (Temporary Redirect). Finally, add your destination URL:

To finish, click Save and deploy:

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