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How to change your Zyro account email address
How to change your Zyro account email address

Learn how to link your Zyro account to another email address

Updated over a week ago

Changing the email address of your Zyro account is simple!

1. Log into your Zyro account and open your Account settings.

2. Insert the new email address and confirm it by entering the current password of your Zyro account. Finally, click Update profile.

You'll receive an email at the new email address. To verify the address, click “This email is correct” in the received email.


You won't be able to change the email address on your own if:

  • You log into Zyro using a social login (Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.)

  • You have any Titan mail subscriptions

  • Your Zyro account is linked to your Hostinger account

Don't worry, we'll help you change your account email address manually! Simply contact our Customer Success team 😊

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