Stripe checkout (available with the Unleashed plan) is a great solution for accepting payments online without having to create a full eCommerce website.

Set up Stripe checkout

1. In the editor, click on + Add Element menu button.

2. Select the Stripe checkout element and drag it to the right place on your page.

Note: In order to use the Stripe checkout element, you will need to have a Stripe account. Log into your Stripe account (or create one) to finish the setup.

2. In the Stripe Checkout settings on, enable client-only integration:

3. Then, specify your domain here:

4. Next, create your products and prices on Stripe.

5. Once you have your Stripe account properly set up and the products have been created, you can proceed with setting up the checkout button on your Zyro website. Select the Stripe checkout button and click on Edit button.

6. Follow the steps below:

  1. Insert the Public API key

  2. Select the Payment type:
    Payment = one time payment
    Subscription = recurring payment

  3. Insert the Price ID

  4. Set the Success and Cancelation pages

It should look something like this:

Where can I find my Price ID?

  1. Go to your products list on Stripe.

  2. Click on a product.

  3. Copy the Price ID under API ID section.

Once you have finished, update your website and check it online. The result should look like this:

What if I have a product with multiple different prices?

At Stripe, you can set more than one price for a product (e.g. $5 for one piece, $8 for two pieces, etc).

As each price has its own ID - you'd need as many Stripe checkout buttons as many prices for a product you've set - simply add more of them!

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