Add a floating WhatsApp icon to your website

1. In your Dashboard, hover over the thumbnail of the website you want to integrate with WhatsApp and click on the Settings button.

2. Go to Integrations, find WhatsApp. Insert a phone number and a default message.

Note: In the number field, insert numbers only, including your country code, e.g. 37061234567 (here 370 - country code); no extra symbols like - or + are needed.

3. Update the website to see your changes.

Link to WhatsApp using social icons

1. Create a WhatsApp link following these instructions.

2. In the Add elements menu in the editor, drag the Social icons element to your page.

3. Click on the element, select Edit social icons and go to the Links tab. Select Add new link and insert your WhatsApp link.

4. Update the website for your changes to appear in the published version.

Additional resources

You can also use other third-party widgets by integrating custom code into your website manually! For example, these plugins are free or have free trials:

  • Tidio - this app can also be found in the Store Manager > Apps > App Market (eCommerce plans)

  • - free live chat software

  • - chat with website visitors via popular messaging apps

  • - helpdesk for e-commerce

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