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My email is not working
My email is not working
If you can't send or receive emails, check if your email service is set up correctly
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If your email just stopped working out of nowhere, most likely, you have recently updated your domain's nameservers.

Domain nameservers determine where the domain's DNS zone is managed from. For example, if you've pointed your domain to Zyro via nameservers ( and, your domain's DNS zone is also managed from Zyro.

All DNS records, including the ones that are responsible for email service, must be present in your domain's DNS zone at Zyro. For example:

If you're not sure what exactly records are responsible for your email service, contact your email hosting provider. Once you locate the necessary DNS records, add them to your domain's DNS zone at Zyro, and your email service will get back on track within several hours.

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