If you'd like to host your site at Zyro and create additional subdomains or domain redirections on your own, we highly recommend using Cloudflare!

You can create a free Cloudflare account and have your domain’s DNS management zone there - that means that using Cloudflare, you will be able to point your domain to Zyro, manage your domain's DNS zone on your own, and use other Cloudflare features.

In this article, you will learn:

Adding your domain to Cloudflare

1. Create a free Cloudflare account.

2. Click Add site and insert your domain.

3. Go to your domain's registrar, and find the nameservers settings. Delete the current nameservers and insert the ones provided by Cloudflare. You can find more detailed instructions here. This way, you will point your domain to Cloudflare servers (meaning that your domain's DNS zone will be managed from Cloudflare).

Pointing your domain from Cloudflare to Zyro

1. In your Cloudflare account, choose your domain and go to the DNS settings.

2. Delete the A record for your root domain (if there are any).

3. Add these two CNAME records:​

POINTS TO: connect.zyrosite.com
TTL: select any (or leave the default value)
HOST: www 
POINTS TO: connect.zyrosite.com
TTL: select any (or leave the default value)

And set the Proxy status to DNS only:

​4. Finally, go to the SSL/TLS and enable the Full option.

When you’re done, please keep in mind that it might take up to 24 hours for DNS changes to fully propagate worldwide. But don’t worry! It usually propagates much faster than that 😊

If you need any help with that, feel free to contact the Zyro Customer Success team anytime!

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