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Buying and registering a domain

1. From your account, head to My domains and click on the Get a domain button. If you don't have a Zyro account yet, search for a domain here.

2. Search for the domain you want to register, pick the desired TLD (.com, .net, .online, and so on) and pay for your order. Insert the domain in domain.tld format (not, not

Note: When registering a domain, do not forget to verify your contact details (you should receive an email - make sure to check your spam/junk inboxes). Please verify your contact information within 15 days, otherwise, your domain will be suspended.

Connecting a domain to a website

1. First, make sure your website template is connected to a Zyro plan. Then, go to your Site settings.

2. Go to the Domain settings, click Connect your own domain, insert your domain and click Continue.

3. Finally, click Done and give your domain a few hours to propagate worldwide.

Change domain nameservers

1. Go to My domains and click Manage domain to find the nameserver settings.

2. Choose Use custom name servers → delete the current nameservers → insert new nameservers → click Save changes.

Updating your contact information

After you've registered your domain, you can update the contact information.

1. Go to My domains and click Manage domain to edit the contact information.

2. Edit your contact and information and save your changes when you're done.

Pro tip: You can also update the domain name servers there if ever needed.

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