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How to Verify a URL Property at Google Search Console
How to Verify a URL Property at Google Search Console

Verifying a URL at Google Search Console with Zyro

Updated over a week ago

You may be asked to verify your URL property to prove your website's ownership. To do so, follow the steps below 👇

1. Access your Google Search Console account.

2. Select URL prefix as the property type, insert your URL there, and click on Continue:

Adding a URL to Google Search Console

The URL should contain WWW only if the WWW prefix is enabled in your website's general settings 💡

3. Scroll down and select to verify the property via the HTML tag; this option is usually under the “other verification methods”. Copy the tag:

Veirfying the URL ownership in Google Search Console

4. Access your website's integrations settings in Zyro. Paste the HTML tag in the Custom code field, save the changes, and update your website:

Adding a HTML meta tag to website's integrations settings

5. Go back to Google Search Console, and click on Verify. Once done, you'll be prompted with a notification about successful verification:

A notification of a successful URL verification in Google Search Console

Now you know how to verify your URL at Google Search Console 🎉

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