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How to Verify Domain Ownership in Google Search Console
How to Verify Domain Ownership in Google Search Console

Learn how to verify your domain ownership in Google Search Console

Updated over a week ago

You need to verify domain ownership in Google Search Console for a few important reasons:

  1. To prove that you own the domain: verifying domain ownership helps to confirm that you have the authority to manage the domain in Google Search Console.

  2. To monitor site performance: by verifying domain ownership, you gain access to valuable insights and reports on your website's performance in Google search results. This includes information on search queries, clicks, impressions, crawl errors, and more. Monitoring this information can help you optimize your website's performance in search results.

  3. To communicate with Google: verifying domain ownership also allows you to communicate with Google about your website, including submitting sitemaps, requesting re-crawls of pages, and addressing any issues that may arise.

Verify Domain Ownership via DNS Record

Open Google Search Console, insert your domain in the Domain section, and click Continue:

Choose to verify the domain via DNS record, then choose the TXT method and copy the given value:

Then, access your domain's DNS zone, and create a TXT record:

  1. DNS record type: TXT

  2. Name: @

  3. TXT value: paste the value that you copied at Google Search Console

  4. TTL: leave the default value

Once you create the TXT record, wait 10–15 minutes (give some time for the TXT record to propagate throughout all servers worldwide), go back to Google Search Console, and hit Verify:

That's it! Your domain is now successfully verified 😊

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