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Adding a link preview image

To add a link preview image, follow these steps:

1. Go to the website Settings General settings.

2. In the Link preview image section, click Browse files and upload your image. The recommended link preview image size is 1200 x 630 px.

3. Click Save changes and update the website.

Troubleshooting a link preview image

Keep in mind that the change is not immediate - it can take up to several hours for the link preview image to get updated. However, make sure that:

  • The uploaded file is not too large nor too small: the recommended preview image size is 1200 x 630 px. The max file size is 2 MB.

  • You uploaded the file in the supported format: .png or .jpg.

  • You're not editing the website while having the editor open in multiple browser tabs/devices simultaneously, and update your website again.

Lastly (and it's most often the best solution), clear the cache of the service where you're trying to share your website by using these debugger tools:

For example, if you're sharing your website on Facebook, follow this link → insert the URL of your website → click Debug → check if the correct image is showing there.

If none of the above solutions helps, contact Zyro Support

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