When you publish your website using a custom, a random backup Zyro subdomain (exmple.zyrosite.com) is automatically generated and attached to your custom domain.

This Zyro subdomain may appear in Google search results, next to your custom domain.

You can remove the zyrosite.com subdomain using Google Search Console.

1. Go to Google Search Console and create an account.

2. At Google Search Console, verify your custom domain this way.

3. Add your zyrosite.com subdomain as a property using the URL prefix method.

4. Choose to verify your domain using an HTML tag and copy the HTML code.

5. Paste the HTML code at Zyro > > Website settings > Integrations as in the picture below and update your website.

6. Go back to Google Search Console and verify the zyrosite.com subdomain.

7. Then, add the URL in the Removals tab by pressing the New Request button.

8. Select Temporarily Remove URL > Remove all URLs with this prefix. Press Next and submit the request.

Done! Now Google will process your request and remove the URL from the Google search engine!

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