When you publish your website using a domain, a random backup Zyro subdomain example.zyrosite.com is automatically generated and attached to your website. This website address may appear in Google search results:

You can remove it from search results by using Google Search Console (GSC).

1. Add your real domain name to GSC as a domain property. Verify its ownership by creating a TXT record in your domain's DNS zone.

2. Add your zyrosite.com subdomain, e.g., https://example.zyrosite.com to GSC as a URL-prefix property. Verify its ownership by adding the HTML tag to your website.

3. Once your zyrosite.com subdomain is verified, go to propertyRemovals and click New request:

5. Insert the URL you want to remove from Google search results. Select Temporarily Remove URLRemove all URLs with this prefixNext → Submit request.

Done! Now, Google will process your request and remove the URL from the Google search engine:

If you need any help with it – feel free to contact us anytime!

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