If you have recently tried to integrate Google Analytics, make sure that you have inserted the correct tracking ID. Once you have inserted the correct tracking ID to your Zyro website Integrations settings, make sure to update your website as this is how you push the ID to your website's source code.

You can inspect your page to see if the tracking ID has been pushed to your website's code:

1. Access your website online.

2. Inspect your website (open the Elements tab).

3. Copy your tracking ID.

4. Search for the tracking ID in the website's code: click anywhere on the code in the Inspect tool, press CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac OS), copy and paste the ID, and hit enter to search.

Don't worry if you can't see any data yet – the first reports arrive 24 hours after successfully integrating your Google Analytics tracking code.

If you're eager for statistics, open your website, and in another tab go to Google Analytics, go to Realtime → Overview – if you have your website open, you should see at least one visitor here (you) which means that your Google Analytics has been set up correctly!

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