If you have recently attempted integrating Facebook live chat into your website, make sure that the correct FB page ID is pasted in Zyro website Settings > Integrations. You can find the ID in your FB page About section, under More information.

Or you can simply open your FB page and copy the ID from the address bar.

Once the correct ID is pasted in Zyro website Settings > Integrations, make sure to update your website: Edit website > Update website. That's how you push the ID to your website's code.

You can inspect your page to see if the Fb page ID is really pushed to your website's code:

  • Access your website online

  • Inspect your website (Elements tab)

  • Copy your tracking ID

  • Search for the ID in the website's code (click anywhere on the code in the Inspect tool > click CTRL+F, CMD+F > paste the ID and hit enter to search)

If more than 4 hours have passed and the chat bubble is not yet on your website, follow these steps:

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