At Zyro, we make sure that all your payments are reaching us safely. If your payment was unsuccessful, you may find the solution below.

First things first - check if:

  • Your bank card is not expired / the online and international payments are enabled

  • You are inserting the correct card details

  • You have sufficient funds

  • Your internet connection is stable (you can try Wi-Fi vs mobile data)

  • There are no ad blockers enabled in your browser (you can try to make a payment using another browser or another device, e.g. your mobile phone)

“Do Not Honor” or “Processor Declined” error

If you received the Do Not Honor error, it means that your bank is not allowing us to accept the transaction. The most common reasons for declining the transaction are:

  • The card is expired

  • The card details are incorrect

  • Online transactions are prohibited for the card

And many more. To know what exactly is the reason, kindly contact your bank or the card issuer.

Email Velocity - Declined

If you see this error, it usually means that you made too many unsuccessful attempts in a short period of time, and the bank temporarily blocked all the transactions. Kindly wait for 24 hours or try another card or payment method.

3D Secure verification failed

We make sure the payments reach us through a secure connection, so we use a 3D Secure verification. If you see an error related to the 3D Secure verification, the possible reasons are:

  • You have a pop-up blocker installed in your browser or computer, that blocks the additional 3D Secure page from opening;

  • You are overseas, and your bank is sending a netcode SMS - but you are not using the same phone number;

  • Your bank is currently not enrolled in the 3D Secure verification program or the card is not supporting international and online payments.

If this error happened, try making a payment from a different browser, with all the extensions disabled. Also, please contact your bank or card issuer to know if they already support the 3D Secure verification program and the card can be used for international and online payments.

Double charge

If you were charged twice, and think there was a mistake, or if you received any other error, contact the Customer Success team, and provide the following information (if possible):

  • For Paypal - transaction ID and the PayPal account email

  • For Credit Card - the first 6 and last 4 digits of the card used

  • For Coin Payments - your transaction ID

  • For other payment methods - the email and a proof of payment completion

We will gladly help you!

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