Even though the auto-save is by default enabled in all Zyro templates, there remains a tiny possibility for a failure, for example, due to poor internet connection or an unexpected power outage. To prevent any unforeseen troubles, you check out some tips below!

Publish your website

We suggest publishing your website - even if it's only a draft - because a backup is created every time you update a published website! If you're not confident with how your website looks like yet - no worries, you can quickly create a landing page and hide the rest of them while you're working on your website!

Edit a website using a single browser tab/device at a time

If you have the editor open in multiple browser tabs/devices simultaneously, the changes you make may not be saved properly, thus the content may not be updated properly, either.

Save the changes manually

Besides the auto-save, you can save the changes in your editor by pressing this button:

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