At the moment, Zyro supports the following dropshipping integrations (available with Online Store and Advanced Store plans): Spocket, Printful, and Syncee.

These integrations can be found in the Store manager → Apps → App Market.

This article will cover the following topics:

Connecting Alibaba via Syncee

You can import products from Alibaba to your Zyro store and sell them as your own. To do so, you can use the Syncee app. It allows you to:

  • add the ready-to-sell products from Alibaba into your store

  • rename products and add margin to its cost

  • manage orders

Shipping methods and costs can vary depending on the supplier. Before importing a product into your store, you can check out shipping information and make sure the item can be shipped to your country.

Since Alibaba uses Syncee as a dropshipping technology partner, you should first link your Zyro store to the Syncee app. After installing the app and creating a Syncee account, you can start searching for products on Alibaba. In order to search for products on Alibaba and add them to your store, you should link Syncee and Alibaba.

Connect Syncee with Alibaba

  1. In your store manager, go to Catalog → Syncee — Global dropshipping and click Register/Login to open the Syncee app.

  2. From your Syncee dashboard, open the menu on the left and select Alibaba → Search products. You will be redirected to the connection page. Click Connect to Alibaba.

  3. Log in with your Alibaba account or create a new one.

  4. Agree with the terms of use to connect Alibaba to Syncee.

  5. Once your Syncee account is connected to Alibaba, you can go to Alibaba and pick products to sell. To do so, click Go to Alibaba Dropshipping Site.

Now you can search for goods on Alibaba and add them to your Zyro store.

Adding products to your catalog

Once you find the product you want, click Add to import list, then go to Syncee dashboard → Alibaba → Import list and click Add to catalog. You can choose a name for a product and add any margin you want.

Now you have a new item in your Syncee catalog. To sync it with your Zyro store, go to Syncee dashboard → Alibaba → My Catalogs and click Sync. Once synchronization is complete, new items appear in Catalog → Products in your Zyro store.

Managing orders

After a customer places a paid order in your store, it will appear in your Syncee account on the Manage Orders → Alibaba Orders page. If you are on the Starter Marketplace Plan, Syncee will not download your orders automatically. To do so, you should click the Synchronize button.

Once the order appears on the Alibaba Orders page, you can pay the product directly to Syncee’s supplier with PayPal or a credit card. This payment will be sent to the supplier directly. When the supplier receives your payment, they will fulfill the order.

You can learn more about Alibaba dropshipping with Syncee in their help center.

Syncee subscriptions range from $0 to $129 per month. You can get started for free, or choose one of the Syncee paid plans, depending on how many products from the suppliers you want to sell in your store.

Using another supplier

If you want to use another supplier, you can upload their products to your store and notify the supplier of the to-be-fulfilled orders:

  1. Get a list of products from your supplier (ideally, in the form of a CSV file or a spreadsheet) and upload them to your store in bulk.

  2. Send emails to the supplier about orders that should be fulfilled by them. You can include the email address of your supplier in the list of the recipients of admin notifications (Store manager → Notifications → Admin notifications settings → Admin email addresses). You can also use the tools of your mailing service to automatically resend the New Order Placed notifications from your mailbox to your supplier’s address – it's easy to set up forwarding in Gmail, for example.

Additionally, take these things into account for a successful dropshipping experience:

  • Use your own product descriptions rather than the default texts provided by the supplier.

  • Set the supplier’s address as the origin address in the Store manager → Shipping & Pickup → Settings → Shipping Origin → Set Up Origin Address. This way your supplier's address will be used as the 'shipping from' address to calculate shipping costs that your clients see at checkout.

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