With Zyro's Online Store and Advanced Store plans, you can connect the following dropshipping integrations: Spocket, Printful, Syncee, NextsChain.

These integrations can be found in the store manager: Apps → App Market.

Using another supplier

If you want to use another supplier, you can upload their products to your store and notify the supplier of the to-be-fulfilled orders:

1. Get a list of products from your supplier (ideally, in the form of a CSV file or a spreadsheet) and upload them to your store in bulk.

2. Email the supplier about orders that should be fulfilled by them. You can include the email address of your supplier in the list of the recipients of admin notifications in your store manager: Settings → Notifications → Admin notifications → Admin email addresses.

You can also use the tools of your mailing service to automatically resend the New order placed notifications from your mailbox to your supplier’s address – it's easy to set up forwarding in Gmail, for example.

Additionally, take these things into account for a successful dropshipping experience:

  • Use your own product descriptions rather than the default texts provided by the supplier.

  • Set the supplier’s address as the origin address in your store manager: Shipping & Pickup → Settings → Shipping Origin. This way, your supplier's address will be used as the 'shipping from' address to calculate shipping costs that your clients see at checkout.

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