In addition to physical and digital products, you can sell services in your store. Whether you're teaching classes, fixing bikes, or consulting people around the world, you can use your online store to help you establish a customer base, sell services online, and grow your business.

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Selling services

To sell a service, add it to your product catalog and disable its shipping:

1. In your Store Manager, go to CatalogProducts.

2. Click +Add New Product and insert its details: name, description, images, price, etc.

3. In the Shipping & Pickup tab, disable the This Product Requires Shipping or Pickup option.

4. Save the changes.

Accepting bookings

Accepting bookings is ideal for small businesses or individuals who take appointments. The booking process can be automated to save time and to avoid unnecessary emails and phone calls. All you have to do is integrate your synced online calendar to your product page.

To begin with:

1. Add a service to your product catalog.

2. In the product details, go to the Options tab:

  1. Click Add new option,

  2. Name it Date and choose Date picker as the input type,

  3. Make it a Required option.

  4. Save it.

3. Then, create an option for your clients to specify the time at which they wish to meet with you:

  1. Click Add New Option,

  2. Name it Time and choose Text Field as the input type,

  3. Make it a Required option.

  4. Save it.

These steps allow your clients to choose a date and time to meet you and benefit from your services. But how can they know if you are free?

4. Add your online calendar to the product description. If you have a Google Calendar, get the code for it and paste it into your product description.

5. Add a brief explanation in the description for your clients on how to make a reservation. Let them know they have to check your calendar before they book with you to make sure you are free.

The result will look something like this:

Writing service descriptions

Service descriptions are crucial to defining the scope of work you are delivering to your customer. They should know what they receive, how and when they receive it.

A detailed service description should include:

  • Deliverables: tell your customers what you will be providing.

  • Timeframe: when are the deliverables received by your customer.

  • Special conditions and limitations: any special terms and conditions of your service.

Additional resources

You can also add custom third-party widgets to your site in two ways:

  1. In the website's integrations settings, using the Custom code field (the code is inserted into the <head> part of your website's code)

  2. In the website's editor, using the Embed code element (the code is inserted into the <body> part of your website's code)

Here are some useful sources:

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