Sell services

To sell a service, add it to your product catalog and disable its shipping:

1. Go to the Store managerCatalogProducts.

2. Click +Add New Product. Insert your service name, description and upload an image for a preview.

3. Add the price, quantity, and SKU if applicable.

4. In the Tax and Shipping section of the product page, click This Product Requires Shipping or Pickup option toggle button to disable the option.

5. Click Save.

Accept bookings

Accepting bookings is ideal for small businesses or individuals who take appointments. The booking process can be automated to save time and to avoid unnecessary emails and phone calls. All you have to do is integrate your synced online calendar to your product page.

Start by integrating Google Calendar to your product page:

1. Add a service to your product catalog.

2. In product details, go to Options, choose Date picker as an input type and name it Date. Make it a Required option.

3. Click Add New Option, choose Text Field as an input type, and name it Time. Make it a Required option. This is where your clients will let you know the time at which they wish to meet with you.


These steps allow your clients to choose a date and time to meet you and benefit from your services. But how can they know if you are free?

4. Add your online calendar to the product description. If you have a Google Calendar, for example, get the code for your calendar and paste it into your product description (make sure you click on <> on the far right to add code in the HTML mode):


5. Add a brief explanation in the description for your clients on how to make a reservation. Let them know they have to check your calendar before they book with you to make sure you are free.

Pro tip: If you only have a certain amount of spaces available (e.g. for a class) you can make the stock level correspond to the number of places you have to offer. The product will state you have no spaces left once the stock reaches zero.

Additional resources

You can also add custom third-party widgets to your site in two ways:

  1. In the website settings, Integrations → Add custom code (to the <head></head> part of the website code)

  2. In the website editor, Add element → Embed code (to the <body></body> part of the website code)

Here are some useful sources:

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