You can create a table in Google sheets and embed it on your website using the Embed code element. Simply follow these steps:

1. Create a table in Google sheets. Once you're done, click File → Publish to the web → Embed.

2. Select if you want to publish the whole document or a particular spreadsheet and hit Publish → OK.

3. Copy the iframe code.

4. Open your Zyro editor → Add element → Embed code → paste the copied code. To resize the element, add width='300' height='400' (you can insert whatever numbers) between the <iframe and src=, for example:

<iframe width='300' height='400' src=";headers=false"></iframe>

5. Check how it looks like in the Preview mode and update the website.

Here's a short clip detailing the whole flow:

Additional resources

You can also create a table at and embed it on your website using the same Embed code element.

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