Tables are very useful for displaying particular information such as size charts or pricing.

You can create tables using free online table generators and embed created tables on your website. There are many free online table generators available. For this example, we will use the Tables Generator tool. Follow the steps to create a simple table and embed it on your website:

  1. Open the Tables Generator tool.

  2. Customize your table using the toolbar and enter all values inside the table cells. Click on Generate.

  3. Copy the generated code.

  4. Log into your Zyro account and open your website's editor. Add an Embed code element and paste the copied code into it. The created table will be displayed on your website.

  5. You can save your table data for future editing using the Save table... button. You will be able to upload your saved table to this tool again using the Load table... button and make changes to the table later.

Additional resources

You can also create a table at and embed it on your website using the same embed code element.

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