You can create a table in Google Sheets and embed it on your website using the Embed code element. Simply follow these steps:

1. Create a table in Google Sheets. Once you're done, click File → Publish to the web → Embed.

2. Choose whether you want to publish the whole document or a particular spreadsheet and hit Publish → OK.

3. Copy the iframe code.

4. Log into your Zyro account and open your website's editor. Add an embed code element and paste the copied code within. To resize the element, add width='300' height='400' (you can insert whatever numbers), for example:

<iframe width='300' height='400' src=";headers=false"></iframe>

5. Check if you're happy with it on the preview mode and update the website.

Here's a short clip detailing the whole flow:

Additional resources

You can also create a table at and embed it on your website using the same embed code element.

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