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To change a currency in your store, follow these steps:

1. In your store manager, go to Settings → General, Regional Settings.

2. Choose the currency and the price display format.

3. Choose if the currency symbol should be displayed before (prefix) or after the price (suffix).
4. Enable or disable the Hide trailing zeros in fractional part option for prices in your store.
6. Save the changes.

Note: If you use a non-USD currency, you can specify the conversion rate in case a payment gateway you want to use accepts dollars only or if a shipping service connected to your store doesn't accept your currency but works with USD.

Your online store will use the entered rate to convert the order total into dollars and send the request to a payment system. In the case of shipping, it will show the correct actual shipping rate in your store's currency so that your shipping costs coincide with the shipping prices in your store.

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