How to create a landing page
Learn how to publish a landing page and hide the rest of the pages you're still working on
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If you are eager to launch your website but still have some unfinished pages, you can publish the homepage only and hide the rest of your pages from the navigation menu while you're working on them.

Within the website builder, you'll find all your pages in the Pages and navigation panel on the left:

1. Hide the pages that you're still working on by dragging them down to the Hidden from navigation section.

2. Make sure that your main (landing) page is set as a homepage. Feel free to personalize the homepage as much as you like: add sections and elements, change colors and fonts, customize the mobile version of the page.


  • The pages that are hidden from the navigation menu can still be accessed via their URLs; with time, such pages may also appear in Google search results, unless you hide pages from search engines

  • Once you're ready to publish more pages, simply unhide them at the Pages and navigation panel and update the website

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