If you are eager to launch your website but have some pages left to perfect, you can publish a homepage only and hide the rest of your website pages while you're working on them.

Start by selecting a template for your website. At Zyro, all website templates work on the same principle, meaning it's easy to customize them.

You can:

Inside the template editor, you'll find all the website pages under Pages and navigation.

You can hide the pages by dragging them down to the Hidden from navigation section or by clicking the page and selecting Settings → Remove from navigation.

Note: If you hide pages from the menu bar, they will still be accessible via URL links and in search engines. If you want those pages to be hidden from search engines, go to your SEO settings, toggle the button Hide page from search results and update your website.

You can also simply delete the unnecessary pages:

Make sure that the main page (the one you'd like to publish), is visible in the Main navigation and set as a homepage. Only one page can be set as a homepage at a time. You can set any page as a homepage by clicking on the page Settings → Make homepage.

You can customize the homepage as much as you like:

Finally, when you're done with your homepage, publish your landing page. Once you're ready to publish more pages, simply unhide them at the Pages and navigation → page Settings Show and update the website.

Note: Your website visitors will be able to open the hidden pages if you put links to them on the published homepage.

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