In some cases, you may need to get extra information from your customers before checkout. You might need to know:

  • Instructions regarding the order or other general comments related to the purchase

  • Additional information about the recipient

  • Additional information for gift orders

  • Some specific details that your customer would like to add to their order, like preferred delivery time or delivery instructions

There are several ways to allow clients to leave notes about their orders. To do so, you can:

Create product options

  1. At your store Manager, go to Catalog → Products.

  2. Select to Edit product → Options → Add New Option.

  3. In the Option name, insert what you need the customer to do – Leave a comment, The name to engrave, Upload a photo, etc. – this will be displayed in the text box on the product page.

  4. In the Input type, select anything you prefer: Text Field, Text Area, Upload Files, etc.

You can also mark this option as required – it'll mean that the client will not be able to add a product to the bag without leaving a comment on the product page.

Enable order comments

At your Store Manager, go to Settings General Cart & Checkout and scroll down to enable Order Comments.

In the Order notes field caption, insert your text, if needed. It will look like this:

You can also make this step required: the clients won't be able to finish the checkout without leaving a note on the cart page.

To edit the placeholder (Leave us a note about your order), go to Settings → Edit Store Labels → Add Custom Label, and edit the text here:

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