How to add a map

Show your location by adding a map to your website

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There are several ways to add a map to your website:

Map element

Within the editor, expand the Add elements panel on the left. Choose the Map element and drag and drop it anywhere on your page:

Click on the map element, select Edit map, and type in the preferred address. You can also just copy it from Google Maps:

Map section

You can also add a map section. Click Add section – you'll see this button on the horizontal border of any section:

From the menu on the left, choose Map. Select the preferred map section template on the right and click on it:

The map section will be inserted into your page. Click on the map element within the section, select Edit map, and type in the preferred address. You can also just copy it from Google Maps:

Embed Google Maps

If you have a business in several locations and want to mark them all on the map, you can do that with My Maps by Google. This third-party solution allows creating a map for your business on Google Maps and embedding it on your website using iFrame code.

1. Create the map

Open this link, and click Create a new map:

Click on Untitled map, and add the name and description of your map. You can also choose the map appearance by clicking on Base map:

Insert your business addresses and add markers on the map:

Learn more on how to create a custom map: Create or open a map

2. Embed the map to your website

Once you've finished editing your map, it is time to embed it on your website. Firstly, make your map visible to everyone: click Share and enable the Anyone with this link can view option:

Now, you're ready to get the iFrame code: click on the ellipsis button and click Embed on my site:

Copy the given code, and add it to your website using the embed code element. To resize the map, edit the width="840" and height="680" values in the code.

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