To display your Instagram feed on your website, you can use:

Add an Instagram feed element

Within the website editor, expand the Add elements panel on the left. Find the Instagram feed element and drag and drop it anywhere on your page:

Click on the element to see more options (edit, duplicate, delete):

Click Edit feed, then click Connect Instagram, and enter your IG account login details. Here, you can also set how many posts (items) you want to display in total:

In the Layout settings tab, you can set the number of items per row, and specify the gap size between photos:

Add an Instagram Feed section

To add an Instagram section, click Add section – you'll see this button on the horizontal border of any section:

From the menu on the left, choose Instagram Feed. Select the preferred section template on the right and click on it:

The Instagram Feed section will be inserted into your page. Click on the feed element within the section, select Edit feed, and connect your Instagram account.

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