In order to send newsletters, you need two main things: an email marketing platform and a list of subscribers. You can collect subscribers using Zyro's subscription form or use any third-party tool:

Zyro's Subscribe element

Within the editor, expand the Add element section on the left and find the Subscribe element. Click on it or drag-and-drop it anywhere on your page.

Zyro's Subscribe form section

To use this section, click on the Add section button – you can find it on any horizontal border of a section. From the menu on the left, select Subscribe form and click on a preferred thumbnail to have a section inserted on your page.

Zyro's Subscribe form settings

To open the form settings, click on it and select Edit form. You will find different options in different tabs:

General settings




Specify the name of the form.

Rename the existing field.

Rename the Submit button.

Set the form theme.

Specify the email address to which you want to receive the notifications of form submissions.

Add new fields.

Change button horizontal alignment.

Set the form background.

View all form submissions.

Specify the required fields.

Specify the feedback upon form submission: show a message or redirect to another page.

Change the padding.

Third-party subscription forms

You can add any third-party subscription form to your Zyro website using a custom code. You can do it two ways, using the following tools:

  1. The Code field in the Integrations settings of your website. This way, the custom script is inserted into the <head> part of your website's code.

  2. The Embed code element within the editor. It adds a custom code to the <body> part of your website's code.

It all depends on the third-party integration – some of them “go” to the <head>, and some “go” to the <body>.

Here are some examples:

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