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Learn about cookies on your website
Learn about cookies on your website

Learn what cookies are used on your own website

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Cookies are little pieces of data that store particular information about a website visitor. For example, cookies record the information about the person's device, browser, and the visitor's overall behavior online.

The data your Zyro website collects

If you're on a Website or Business plan, your website does not use any cookies by default. Thus, it all depends on the integrations you decide to use on your site, for example:




Google Analytics




Facebook Pixel

If you're on our legacy Online Store or Advanced Store plan (available for users who purchased them before Sep 9th, 2022), personal data from your e-shop is collected, stored, processed, and shared based on GDPR guidelines and the whole complies with GDPR requirements.

Although the store platform collects cookies, it does not store personal information within them. We use session-based and persistent-based cookies:

  • Session cookies exist only during one session; that means that they are deleted from your computer as soon as you close your browser or turn off the computer

  • Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser or turn off your computer

If a customer logs out from their account in your store, we clear the local storage, including any information.

You, as a merchant, can set up all the necessary notifications, and enable a cookie banner in your store management area → Settings → Legal. Here, you can check what data is stored for each customer and remove it anytime in the Tools for managing customers’ personal data section:

The report about the customer's data will be sent by email in a few hours since it was requested. The customer's data is permanently deleted within 7 days after the request is sent.

Inform your website visitors about cookies

You can let people know about your cookie use in several ways:

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