How to verify a domain for Facebook

Learn how to verify your domain when Facebook asks for it

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You can verify the ownership of your domain/website in two ways:

  • By creating a TXT record to your domain's DNS zone

  • By adding a meta tag to your website's code

Create a TXT record to your domain's DNS zone

To create a TXT record, you need to access your domain's DNS zone:

1. In your Zyro dashboard, go to the Domains page.

2. Click Manage domain.

3. Find and expand the DNS records section.

4. Click Add record and insert the required data:

  • Type: choose TXT

  • Name: insert @

  • Content: insert the value provided by Facebook

  • TTL: leave the default value

5. Save the changes. Give it 10-15 min and verify your domain on Facebook.

Add a meta tag to your website's code

A meta tag is added via the website's integrations settings.

1. Within the editor, access the website's integrations settings.

2. In the Custom code field, insert the given verification code:

3. Save the changes and update your website. Then, verify your domain on Facebook's end.

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