Your pixel may be receiving data from several domains, e.g.,, or because you set up your pixel using Zyro's in-built integration, but it's easy to manage which domains should be tracking your Facebook pixel.

You can create an allow list or a blocklist to control which domains are allowed to send events through your Facebook pixel.

Note: You can't create both an allow and a block list. It is recommended to create an allow list, as it provides more control over your pixel traffic. If you add your preferred domain to an allow list, the traffic from all other domains will be automatically blocked, so you would not need to block irrelevant domains one by one. However, if you have already set up Facebook pixel, and if it already tracks data from irrelevant domains, create a blocklist this way.

Create an allow list in Facebook Events Manager

1. Go to Events Manager and select your pixel.

2. Open its Settings and scroll down to find Traffic Permissions.

3. Click on the Create Allow List.

4. Enter the domain you want to add to your allow list and click Next.

5. Click Confirm.

6. Repeat these steps for any other domains you want to add to your list.

You can now view and edit the domains in the Traffic Permissions section of your pixel settings (e.g., to remove a domain from the list).

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