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How to register a .COM.BR domain
How to register a .COM.BR domain

Learn how to register a .COM.BR domain at Zyro 🍭

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All .br domains are managed by as a standard, and here you can understand more how to complete the registration of your domain with Zyro there or to point your already registered domain to our servers and get your website online.

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Registering a domain at that I bought or received from Zyro

Follow the steps below to complete your domain registration and connect to Zyro:

1. Go to the website. On the website's home screen, go to the Domain Search (Pesquisar Domínio) field and then search for the domain name you purchased with Zyro.

2. As a search result, you will find a ticket issued for the domain name you have already registered. And then, click on the green Register (Registrar) button.

3. Enter your name and username. As a username, use your domain or your CPF/CNPJ (the same ID number you registered with Zyro).

If you don't have a password or have forgotten it, click the I don't remember or I don't have a password (Não lembro ou não tenho a senha) button to create a new password. The password change link will be sent to the email address you used to register the domain. Create a new password and log in to

After this step, you should find the following image:

If you find the image below:

This means that you still need to connect your domain with your website template.

4. The ticket queue is updated every 5 minutes, so just wait for your domain to be activated as shown in the images below:

After validating your ticket:

You will also receive an email confirming your ticket registration and activation:

5. If you purchased your domain with Zyro, you should find the following pointing information to our platform: (the service provider will show as HSTDOMAINS 127, and DNS as and

And that's it! If you've already connected your domain with the website template you want, now just wait for the propagation period - which can last up to 24 hours!

I have a domain ending in .br that I registered with another provider previously

If you already have your CNPJ/CPF registered on (this happens if you have already registered any .br or domain before) or have not purchased your domain with Zyro, you will need to make a change both at the service provider (Provedor de Serviços) and at the DNS servers inside the

  1. First, to change your service provider (Provedor de Serviços), it is necessary to indicate the provider of HSTDOMAINS (127) (our partner in Brazil) in the

  2. After performing the step above, to change your DNS servers there, just add Zyro's NameServers inside the DNS setting:

    And that's it! Just wait for the propagation time (which can take up to 24 hours) and your domain will be online if you connected your domain to your template!

If you face any difficulties with the process of registering your domain, you can check the steps here to better understand troubleshooting for situations faced during domain registration.

And if you have any questions or need help, contact the Zyro customer success team 🎉

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