Zyro's Lite store is available with Business plans and is a great solution for accepting payments online without having to create a sophisticated e-commerce website. You can:

  • Sell physical products,

  • Sell digital products,

  • Sell services,

  • Accept donations.

It is perfect for people who have recently started their businesses and have only a handful of products available 🚀

Table of contents

Add the Lite store to your website

Before starting, make sure that your website template is connected to the Business plan.

Within the editor, expand the Online store section in the left toolbar, and click on the plus sign to add the Lite store to your website.

Insert your store name and click Continue.

Select your country and a preferred currency for your store. Find the supported currencies here 💡

That's it! Welcome to your store management area: here you'll find your products, orders, and store settings (shipping, payment, general) 🎉

Set up payments

Learn more about Lite store payments here 💡

To set it up, go to the Payments section and click Start.

Click Connect:

Log into your Stripe account (or create one for free) and continue with the steps on the screen.

Create products

Once you create a product in the store manager, you need to create a page or a section for that product on your website.

One of the most important components within your product page or section is the “Add to bag” button. You can name it however you like: “Buy now”, “Order”, “Book”, “Donate”, etc.

The button redirects your client to purchase a product from you, so it's important that every button is linked to a particular product.

You can change the button style in the “Add to bag” button settings.

And in the product section settings.

Note: It is essential to link Lite store buttons to correct products, otherwise your client may end up purchasing the wrong item.

“Add to bag” button

One of the main elements for accepting payments online is the Lite store, or the Add to bag, button. You can find it under the Add elements menu on the left toolbar.

Note: If you can't see the button among the elements, check if your website template is connected to a Business plan. Also, check if there already are any store pages or sections on your website template. If so, delete all store pages and sections and reload the page to find the Lite store button in the element menu.

Access store manager

Within the editor, via the website settings wheel.

Via template settings on the Websites page.

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